"Let’s put everything into the events we do "

Revelatorz Benefit Riders, Inc.

Gallia Group

est. 2014

Hocking Group

est. 2011

Our R.B.R. Family

Find your Heart by helping others

We have one motto......Family comes first......Great friends and Great family come together in times of need to help support their community  in any way needed. We do our best to help, whatever the cause. We can't control life and help in every single situation, but we will do our best to try.

Feel free to contact any R.B.R. Member if interested in joining us. It will then be brought to the group for voting .

Our mission is to keep expanding with great members that want to help their communities in any way possible. Small things can make a big difference.

We are constantly taking donations, from money, clothing, household needs and whatever else is offered to help those that may have come across rough times.

Our Mission


Join Us

We started this group in January 2011. We are a Non Profit Organization that will be doing fundraisers and benefits for the communities. We have grown so quickly it is hard to believe. Started out with just a few friends looking to help others and it grew to a bunch of people wanting to be involved. We are based out of Logan, Ohio and in mid 2011 added a second group out of Racine, Ohio. We also added a third group out of Gallipolis, Ohio in late 2014. We want to confirm that we are not a club or claiming territory. We have women in our group and even non bikers as well. We hope that people see who we are and what we want to do and accompany us on events to help raise money for those in need.




those in need


in everyone