"Let’s put everything into the events we do "

Revelatorz Benefit Riders, Inc.

We, the Gallia Group, are excited to be the newest branch of the Revelatorz. We are all very appreciative of the opportunity that we have been given to help our community and look forward to be able to expand and strengthen the cause of our group. We look forward to riding with you and making a difference.

1-3-16             5:00 PM           Courtside Bar & Grill

2-7-16             5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

3-6-16             5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

4-3-16            5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

5-1-16             5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

6-5-16            5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

7-3-16            5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

8-7-16            5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

9-4-16           5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

10-2-16         3:00 PM          BW3

11-6-16          5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

12-4-16         5:00 PM          Courtside Bar & Grill

​President-                             Justin "Dragon" Bell

Vice President-                   Rob "Nighthawk" Sigler

Lead Road Captain-         

​Sweeper Road Captain-  Dan Lackmann

Sergeant at Arms-            

Treasurer-                           Ashley "Pumpkin" Bell

​Secretary-                            Latasha "Lucy" Alavaro

Chaplain-                             Brad "Keisel" Beaver

​Event Coordinator-          Rob "Red Beard" Simons

​Gallia Group