2018 Members

Kneeling:  Mikey Kincaid

Sitting:  Sheila Litmer, Charlotte Kincaid and Shelia Hill

Front Row: Meaghan Dennison, Charlie Myers, Tammy Miller and Dave Wilson

Second Row: Missy Kincaid, Christine Leonard, Anita Primavera, Joey Litmer,Brad Geiger and Jeff Hill

Back Row: Taryn Stillwell, Adam Stillwell, Andy Primavera, Jimbo Meyers, Travis Dennison, Scott Miller, John Busheee , Jordan Inboden, Cody Triplett & Jason Colombo

Missing From Picture: Cody Inboden and Trevor Lanning

2018 Officers

President -               Mikey "Highway" Kincaid

Vice President -    Scott "Lurch" Miller

 Road Captain -     Joey "Skippy"  Litmer

Road captain -          John "Mopar" Bushee

Road Captain -          Jordan " Growler"  Inboden

Tail Gunner RC-        Dave "Bugsy" Wilson

Sergeant at Arms      Adam " Wrench" Stillwell

Sergeant at Arms      Travis "Sledge" Dennison

Chaplain -                 Christine "Smiley" Wilson

Secretary -                Charlie "Sassie" Meyers

Treasurer -                Missy "Rockstar" Kincaid

Hocking Group

Revelatorz Benefit Riders, Inc.

Officers Meetings

Will Be directly following group meetings





Kneeling:  Scott Miller, Mikey Kincaid & Missy Kincaid

1st Row:  Charlie Meyers & Dave Wilson

Back Row: Christine Leonard, Travis Dennison, Adam Stillwell, Joey Litmer, John Bushee and Jordan Inboden

We, the founding group of the R.B.R., is the Hocking Group. We, as friends, wanted to do something for our community, so we decided to start a Non-Profit Group. We love to ride, help people, have fun and most importantly, "Be Ourselves". We would love to get more people involved in what we are doing, so please help us spread the word. Thanks!

"Let’s put everything into the events we do "

Highway Clean-up

3-17-18                   9:00 Am

6-10-18                  9:00 Am

9-16-18                  9:00 Am

12-09-18               9:00 Am

Scheduled Meetings

Date                      Time                      Place

1-21-18                   6:00 Pm                 Home Tavern

2-11-18                   6:00 Pm                 TBA

3-17-18                  After HC-U            TBA

4-21-18                   12:00 Pm AHCU     Utopia

5-06-18                  6:00 Pm                 TBA

5-20-18                  6:00 Pm                 TBA

6-10-18                  After HC-U            TBA

7-01-18                  6:00 Pm                 TBA

7-22-18                  6:00 Pm                 TBA

8-12-18                  6:00 Pm                 TBA

8-26-18                 6:00 Pm                  TBA

9-16-18                  After HC-U           TBA

10-21-18               6:00 Pm                 TBA

11-10-18                6:00 Pm                 TBA

​12-09-18             After HC-U           TBA