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     Kaden was 6 yrs old when he passed away from a disease with no cure and very little known about it.  His diagnosis was KAPOSAFORM~LYMPHANGIOMOTOSIS with coagulopathy.  The only research on this disease is being written now by the doctor, at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, that was treating Kaden.  Simply put in our words, this disease started by the lymphatic system going haywire and not stopping when forming the lymph nodes.  It kept on growing like a cancer does but it was not cancer and did not respond to any type of cancer treatment.  The "lesions" as they are called continued growing as it overtook his body systems, starting with his clotting factors of the blood including his platelets, hemoglobin and fibrinogen.  Then it began to invade his organs.  The entire pelvic region was immediately taken over then the spleen was invaded.  It caused his upper leg to swell to 3X normal size and would cause constant pain.  The lower GI TRACT was invaded next.  He endured a major GI bleed at 2 yrs old.  We spent 6 months in hospital at Cincinnati Children's Hospital just to try to get things under control enough to even bring him home.  He was on a medication that compromised his entire immune system.  He had to be kept away from anyone who even remotely could be sick because a common cold, as we were told, could kill him.  At age 3 the lesions had grown and his blood levels were again in compromise.  He had a major brain bleed requiring brain surgery.  At one point we were told he only had 2 hours to live.  God spared him and in 2 months we brought him home again.  He had to go to Cabell Huntington Hospital weekly and sometimes biweekly to receive transfusions to keep his clotting factors up.  Without that he would have begun bleeding internally again.  He had once again beaten all odds and for awhile things went okay.  At age 4 we spent 2 more months in Cincinnati Children's Hospital as he had to have his spleen removed.  Four days after surgery he began internally bleeding again and required more surgery.  One month later we brought him home.  Two years went by and we thought we had beaten it but that was not to be.  This last time the lesions had grown so fast.  The medicine had stopped working and he had began bleeding not only in the pelvic area but also in the pleural space around the lungs.  This finally caused his death.   

     Kaden was a very happy little boy.  Always with a smile even when he was hurting.  He loved school and was finally able to attend preschool at a school for handicapped children that could watch closely over what he did and who he was around.  He was so happy! He made new friends and enjoyed learning everything he could then teaching it to his little brother Jase.  he loved to read and to color but he really liked to work puzzles.  We used to sit in the rocking chair to read a lot.

     He finally was able to ride his bike but always with his training wheels and his helmet. He would say his favorite part of his new bike was the handle turned and made the sound like "Uncle Matt's" motorcycle! He absolutely loved it! 

     He was blessed to be able to "play" baseball for 1 bat of the last game of tee ball season.  His Uncle Matt helped coach the team and the love of a ball coach named Jeremy made that possible.  The whole community became involved and stood behind fulfilling a dream we never thought possible for Kaden.  He not only got to bat that day but they had gotten him a uniform like all the others and a trophy just as though he had played every game.  He was so proud of that trophy.  They even included him in the end of the year pool party and another trophy just like all the other kids.  

     He loved playing with his little brother Jase.  He tried to do anything he could to make Jase laugh.  He would do silly things while helping with shoes or tickling while helping dress Jase just to get him to laugh.  At night he loved to snuggle and cuddle up with either Mommy or Nanny.  He would always say "I love you to the moon and back".

     He loved to play with his cousins who watched out to be very careful with Kaden.  "My Roo" as he called his oldest cousin Derissa, always took special care to make sure everyone watched out for him.  Haylie and Austin both have disabilities themselves but knew to "play easier" with Kaden.  Skylar and Matti were his closest playmates.  They were constantly inventing new adventures they could tackle together.  We loved to watch them play.

     He had a special friend, Dravin, who would come over to play.  They spent lots of time laughing and happy.

     Although Kaden's life was short, he made a lifetime of happy memories for everyone he knew.  He didn't let his disability stop him from doing what he wanted to do.

     He was a very special little boy who loved people but loved Jesus more! He always had a song in his heart and on his lips.  He would tell everyone that "Jesus made me better" and now His healing is totally complete.  He is running all over Heaven with Jesus, laughing, smiling, running and having a wonderful time just waiting for all of us to join him.

     He will forever be in our hearts, on our minds and dearly missed!!!!!! 

The Bable Family   

Our first Honorary member of our group goes out to Arnold "Jackhammer" Pack. Arnie passed away at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio on July 9, 2011. Arnie was a Founding Member of the R.B.R. and our First President. Arnie was in the hospital for health issues, but suffered a massive heart attack in the early hours of the morning of the 9th. What a true and dear friend to many people and will be missed by many more. Arnie would do anything for anyone at any given time and would not even ask questions. R.I.P. dear friend and know that we all love you and we will do what it takes to make sure your family is taken care of........ Love You Bro!

Arnold "Jackhammer" Pack

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Honorary members is a page  for past and present members that have lost their lives , can't  ride anymore or are unable to participate. This is where we don't want a lot of pics, and if you are here, u will be a lifetime member. This will be decided on by the group.

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