"Let’s put everything into the events we do "

Revelatorz Benefit Riders, Inc.

We, the Meigs Group, would like to welcome you. We too are a group of friends out to help others in need. We seen what a great thing was being developed by our friends in Logan, and we did not want to miss out on a great opportunity. Together, we will ride for our community and maybe someone in yours.

Scheduled Meetings

1-14-18          4:00 PM           Foxes Pizza

2-11-18           4:00 PM           Foxes Pizza

3-11-18          4:00 PM         Foxes Pizza

4-15-18          4:00 PM          Foxes Pizza

5-20-18          4:00 PM         Foxes Pizza

6-10-18          4:00 PM         Foxes Pizza

7-08-18          4:00 PM          Foxes Pizza

8-12-18         4:00 PM         Foxes Pizza

9-09-18          4:00 PM          Foxes Pizza

10-14-18         4:00 PM          Foxes Pizza

11-18-18        4:00 PM         Foxes Pizza

​12-09-18        4:00 PM         Foxes Pizza

​President-                                 Jack "Misguided" Williams

Vice President-                     

Lead Road Captain-          

Road Captain-                       

Sweeper road Captain-      

Sergeant at Arms-                Dale "Shaggy"  Little


​Treasurer-                                Julie Gooch


​Meigs Group